TWC Online Course

Facilitated by Kristina M.Wynne owner of The Wynners Club and creator of The Wynners Circle: How to Create a Business Plan & Pitch Deck Creation in 60 Days online course, the eight-week cohort program will provide participants with broad practical skills and a demonstrated ability to apply knowledge using skills such as critical thinking, communication, and collaboration to help them further develop and define their entrepreneurial journey. Participants will leave the program with a business plan and business pitch deck, while also accessing quality networking through mentorship and guest speakers.

Six months after completion of the LGBTQ+ Biz Boot Camp (created and facilitated by Kristina Wynne), the 2019 Cohort reported significant progress in the growth and investment of their business:

80% responded they are updating or finalizing drafts of their business plan

80% responded that they have grown more confident in sales

60% have increased their income through sales

60% have opened up a business banking account

60% are now registered as a legal business entity

Participants must be an individual who is comfortable having their photo, names, and businesses printed in news, social media, etc.

All selected students are required to submit a business plan by November 12th, to participate in the Pitch Competition December 2020 (Date TBD).

Participants must complete all requested surveys and engage in marketing requests when needed to promote The Wynners Circle online course.

Participants cannot miss any workshops to be eligible for the First Place Pitch Prize

Participants will be required to speak with their assigned accountability partner at least twice – once during the first four weeks, and once during the second four weeks. More participation is welcomed and encouraged.

Week One: Awareness & Assessment of your Business

Week Two: Executive Summary & Company Description

Week Three: Mission & Vision Statements

Week Four: Marketing, all day…

Week Five: Operations & Management Plans

Week Six: Product/Service Description and Intellectual Property

Week Seven: Financial Plan, whew chile!

Week Eight: Pitch Deck Creation!

What is the cost of the program?
The cost of The Wynners Circle: How to Create a Business Plan and Pitch Deck in 60 Days online course will be disclosed during your discovery call with Kristina M. Wynne. We provide payment plan options for those who desire to pay in segments!  Please please please do not get hung up on the cost, rather look at it as an investment in yourself and in starting your business or growing your business sustainably. Sidenote: For tax purposes, the cost of this course would be a write-off as “professional development”.

Who are the best candidates for this program?
The program is best suited for applicants who are in the “idea” phase. You have likely not tested the market with your product or services, and want to get started the right way by developing a business plan, social media strategy, and plans for accessing capital. Only a business owner can participate in the online course.

What happens if I miss a class?
Participants are encouraged and expected to attend all sessions. Once one session is missed, the participant waives their eligibility to compete for the First Place Pitch Prize. They will still be expected to pitch and submit a business plan. For missed sessions, participants are encouraged to work with their cohort and the facilitator to complete any assignments.

Where will classes be held?
Classes and Coaching sessions will be held via Zoom. Also, there will be a private Facebook Group (The Wynners Circle); this will be the channel for communication to the group.