The Wynners Circle Online Course

The Wynners Circle Online Course


Week One: Awareness & Assessment of your Business

Week Two: Executive Summary & Company Description

Week Three: Mission & Vision Statements

Week Four: Marketing, all day…

Week Five: Operations & Management Plans

Week Six: Product/Service Description and Intellectual Property

Week Seven: Financial Plan, whew chile!

Week Eight: Pitch Deck Creation!



Facilitated by Kristina M.Wynne, owner of The Wynners Club and creator of The Wynners Circle: How to Create a Business Plan & Pitch Deck Creation in 60 Days online course, the eight-week cohort program will provide participants with broad practical business skills and a demonstrated ability to apply knowledge using skills such as critical thinking, communication, and collaboration to help them further develop and define their entrepreneurial journey. Participants will leave the program with a business plan and business pitch deck, while also accessing quality networking through mentorship and expert guest speakers.


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