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Business Plan & Pitch Deck Creation

A business plan and pitch deck are the foundation of your business whether you are in the idea phase or already making sales. These tools are not negotiable; they are vital because they help you stay on target as the leader. Also, they support your marketing/sales efforts because in creating your business plan you will become very clear on who your target market or ideal customer is. Finally, a BP & PD will help you get money from sponsors, investors, lenders, and(or) partners; it gives a clear picture about your business, who it serves, and it position for growth in the market.

One-on-One Business Coaching & Therapy

The owner/founder of The Wynners Club, Kristina M. Wynne is a seasoned business coach focusing on helping start-up entrepreneurs start their business sustainably in 6 months.  The education, resources, support, and guidance that is received under Kristina’s coaching has a proven track record of success!

In addition to this, Kristina has 5 years experience in “Business Therapy”.  This service is specifically for established business owners  who are in need of a great listener and objective business perspective or solution.  Not to be confused with business coaching, a business therapist evaluates the human side of your business and will help you structure the business relationships of your family members, board members, employees, and even customers.  With her spiritual and solution-based tactics Kristina has assisted many business leaders in times of high stress and uncertainty create a plan to get to the light on the other side of the tunnel.


The Wynners Club offers grant and proposal writing and editing!

Our team of professional writers have extensive backgrounds writing/editing in: education, healthcare, NFP, the private and public sector.  We have acquired $3.5M in grant dollars in 3 years and counting.

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Wynne with Social Media!

Although, social media can seem elusive, we create a targeted strategy for each of our clients
focusing first on education and then expectations. Social media should play apart in a
larger marketing strategy and it’s our goal to support each client in a way that ultimately leads
to success.

We specialize in: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads and our ideal customer are clients in the professional services industry.

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