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Business Coaching

We offer group training and one-on-one coaching!

TWC can work on-site or through virtual learning.  We train and coach on topics including but not limited to: Business Planning and Development, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Courses, Internet Marketing Courses, Finance Courses, Marketing Courses, and Networking.

Grant/Proposal/Curriculum Writing & Editing Services

We offer grant, proposal, curriculum writing and editing!

TWC has a team of dedicated professionals who have extensive backgrounds grant writing in: education, healthcare, NFP, and the private and public sector.  We have acquired over 5 Million dollars in the last 3 years collectively!

E-learning Creation & Integration

We offer virtual learning creation and integration!

TWC delights at the technological advances in our society and take pride in assisting small to medium sized businesses in integrating this enhanced form of learning!

The Wynners Club offers a suite of services needed to convert an organization to a fully digital platform for showcasing, information sharing, lead generation, e-learning, and more.

We offer:

Web Development and Design

Digital Marketing/Advertising

Graphic Design


Become a Social Butterfly!

More commonly known as a social influencer, TWC uses all walks of life to help small businesses promote their products or services on social media!

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Must have 1,000+ followers on one or more social sites!


– Mid-Level Revenue Generation Staffing for Small Businesses
– Applicants must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree
– We staff direct-to-hire positions

Positions we staff:

– Marketing
– Sales
– Business Development

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